Why tellmelive?

Tellmelive brings you in touch with the connections in your area quickly and easily! Among these connections, discover opportunities for dating, for community activities and also for professional engagements. Your personal and professional community comes alive, on Tellmelive!

New Activities

Looking for a boredom killer? We have an assorted list of the most fun, engaging and fruitful activities happening around you! Community activities are a great and uncomplicated way of meeting people. If you have an exploratory side, just indicate your location and activity preference, and we’ll have you covered!

New Singles

Meeting people on Tellmelive does not just revolve around that ‘one-thing’, aka, love. Meet people to discover the joy of communication, build conversations, find friends, and well, of course, plan that ideal date! If you’re open, single and looking for heart connections, display your interest and location, and the app will do its magic!


Connections are not just about love and friendship – they could also be about profitable cooperation. Are you looking for short and long-term professional engagements? Do you have opportunities where professional help is needed? Your community can help! Get on TellMeLive to discover how!

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Connect and Grow

An acquaintance can change your life – be it through friendship, romance, or through professional engagement.

Ease of Use

Easy to understand and navigate, the app shows you who is nearby and online. All you have to do is take the first step!

Data Privacy

We attach great importance to your privacy, safety and security. Our app is developed keeping in mind all these three words.

TellMeLive is a dating app, which packs in the benefits of a networking platform as well. On TellMeLive you can see who is nearby, online and interested, and accordingly, plan activities, meet-ups and undertake the joy of discovering new people. The new connections you build on this dating platform can be your ideal love match, but can also be people you connect with for conversations, friendship and for gainful employment. You can curate community activities, or simply participate in some. Be it personal engagement, or professional networking – this dating-cum-networking app helps you achieve both – with an easy to navigate and understand interface. This platform is transparent, uncomplicated and fun!

Client Reviews

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